3 Reasons You're Suffering From Pregnancy Neck Pain...And What To Do About It


You probably already knew that you could expect morning sickness, but there's a good chance that no one told you about the neck pain that you can often experience during pregnancy. However, you should know that neck pain is not at all uncommon when you're expecting. You could be wondering what you can do about this discomfort, but getting to the source of the problem and making a few changes should help you find some relief.

28 July 2015

Tips For Gardeners: Managing Chronic Lower Back Pain While Weeding


If you suffer from chronic lower back pain, it can make it difficult for you to take part in even basic hobbies. For example, if you're an avid gardener, but weeding leaves you suffering with pain for days afterward, it may be time to consider adapting your weeding process to ease the strain on your back. Here are a few tips that may help you preserve your hobby, enjoy your plants and limit the residual pain.

28 July 2015

Gastrointestinal Disorders And Chiropractic Care: How Chiropractic Can Help


For sufferers of IBS (irritable bowel syndrome) and Crohn's disease, every day presents new food landmines that can cause digestive problems and incredible discomfort. If you are one of over 700,000 sufferers diagnosed with one or both of these gastrointestinal disorders, you know how painful it is. You may have medications to help you control and decrease the symptoms, but it does not stop the constant sensations of pain, cramping or severe abdominal contractions.

9 July 2015

6 Chiropractic Treatments For Whiplash


If you have recently been in a car accident, you may be experiencing severe neck pain from whiplash. Whiplash occurs when your head is quickly jerked forward or backward, resulting in neck strain and sprain. Although your pain may lessen over time, whiplash may require chiropractic care to heal properly. Here are several chiropractic treatments that may be prescribed for whiplash:   Spinal Manipulation When your chiropractic performs a spinal manipulation, which is also called a "

29 June 2015

What To Expect At Your First Chiropractic Appointment


Receiving any form of medical care for the first time can fill you with questions, but if you're experiencing a decreased quality of life because of back pain, visiting a chiropractor for an adjustment can help. Don't let your unanswered questions about this form of treatment hold you back. By informing yourself about what typically goes on from the start of your appointment to the end, you'll feel more comfortable picking up the phone to book an adjustment and start the process of finally bidding farewell to your back pain.

24 June 2015

3 Ways A Great Chiropractor Can Make You A Better Runner


As a runner, you've no doubt heard of all the common ailments in your sport. Achilles tendonitis, plantar fasciitis, and knee pain are all known hazards of running. The good news is, most of these injuries are preventable with proper care and regular wellness exams with your chiropractor. Here are three ways that a professional chiropractor, like those at Gehrig Family Chiropractic Center, can help make you a more efficient, injury-free runner:

18 June 2015

4 Ways to Relieve Pain from Your Sciatic Nerve


If you are experiencing pain that radiates from your lower back and goes down to your buttocks and down one or both of your legs, you are probably dealing with sciatic pain. This type of pain comes from your sciatic nerve, which runs along this area of your body. When the nerve is stretched or irritated, it can lead to a radiating pain, along with numbness and tingling. Here are some ways to relieve pain associated with the sciatic nerve.

29 May 2015

Tips to Help Improve Your Posture


Having good posture will not only save you from future back issues and pain, it can also make you feel better, more confident and help your body function as it should. You may not even know that you have poor posture. It can be as simple as a slight hunch in your shoulders, or maybe you walk with your body leaned back a bit. Either way, these are both poor posture habits and should be corrected.

22 May 2015

2 Surprising Ways To Fight Sinus Congestion This Spring


After a long, cold winter, spring means warm weather and lots of sunshine. For many people, spring also means lots of sinus congestion. Sinus congestion can be caused by a variety of factors, from an infection to allergies. Here are some interesting ways you can fight the effects of sinus congestion this spring. Fight Back Naturally One way you can fight back against sinus congestion is making your immune system familiar with all the pollens and contaminants that you breath in on a daily basis.

11 May 2015

Three Alternative Treatments For IBS


Irritable Bowel Syndrome affects up to 15% of the US population. This painful, frustrating disease can be difficult to control, even with changes in diet and proper medication. For those struggling, alternative forms of treatment may be worth considering. Acupuncture The ancient Chinese practice of acupuncture has many modern day applications. It is a stress reliever, a pain reliever, and, possibly, a way to get relief from the symptoms of IBS.

8 May 2015