Tips to Assist with Giving a Therapeutic Neck Massage


If your spouse has strained their neck muscles and finds it painful to turn their head or sit up for long amounts of time, the following tips can be used while giving them a therapeutic massage in order to relieve tension and discomfort and to help them relax.

Well-Ventilated Dark Room That Mimics a Natural Environment

Create a calming atmosphere by selecting a room in your home that is well-ventilated to perform the massage in. Hang thick drapes over the windows and place a couple of small candles on a tabletop or shelf to provide the area with dim lighting. Place some colorful foliage or potted trees around the room to provide the illusion of an outdoor environment.

Install a surround-sound system to play audio recordings of natural sounds, such as a babbling brook, chirping crickets, or a waterfall in order to help your loved one feel at peace while their neck muscles are being kneaded.

Air Mattress, Heated Pillow, and Plenty of Blankets

Inflate an air mattress and place it in one part of the room that you will be using. Place a heated pillow on top of the mattress, as well as plenty of blankets and comforters for your partner to lay on in order to remain comfortable. The pillow can be used to soothe tight muscles in your spouse's neck and increase blood flow prior to their receiving a massage.

As your partner's neck muscles loosen, they may be more apt to allow you to practice your massaging techniques and may be able to focus fully on the pressure that you apply to the parts of their neck that have been bothering them. 

Aromatic Incense and Oil

Purchase some aromatic incense sticks or cones that emit a soft, earthy scent for your partner to inhale while they are having their neck massaged. Buy some herbal massaging oil to apply to your fingertips prior to massaging stiff, painful neck muscles. As you gently press your fingertips around various parts of your spouse's neck, the oil will reduce friction and will make it possible for you to shift your hands without causing your partner to experience additional discomfort.

For the best results, allow your loved one to select a scent that they enjoy and ask them which massage techniques you are using they prefer the most. If all goes well during the massage session, your partner may be interested in receiving another one or reciprocating the favor by giving you a much-needed massage.

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4 November 2016

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