Neck Pain From An Accident? What To Try


If a collision seems to have affected your neck in the days after the event, you may not connect the two at first, particularly if you're used to aches and pains. How should you be addressing this discomfort?

Seeing a Chiropractor

A chiropractor is often a great professional to visit after any kind of vehicle collision because they approach your pain from a holistic perspective. They can determine the specific neck ailment you have, whether it's whiplash or some kind of disc herniation. Through treatment sessions, auto accident chiropractors can complete spinal manipulations and adjustments which realign your spine and ease neck pressure. In fact, because chiropractors address many issues related to the spine, you may also have some relief in your back, arms, and legs. Chiropractor visits can therefore hasten your overall healing and recovery.

Monitoring Your Actions

It may be that the way you sit or your daily actions aren't good for your neck generally; having been in an accident, those actions might finally be noticeably uncomfortable or much worse than ever. If you're working with desktop computers or company laptops, for example, the angle at which your head remains can cause strain in the neck. You may need to lift your screen so that your head is more level as you work or do computer activities.

Using Better Pillows

Your pillows may not be suitable now that you're dealing with post-accident pain. For comfort and rest, foam-inserts and pillows with neck support are vital. This is especially vital if you know that you end up side-sleeping, where the neck is put in an uncomfortable position if it and your head aren't adequately supported. After a night with good pillows, your pain could be greatly diminished.

Checking Your Diet

Whenever you have a health issue, whether it be a chronic disease or car accident injuries, your diet is easily ignored but very important. Your intake of sufficient protein and other nutrients could hurt or help the way your whole body feels. For instance, an emphasis on inflammatory or sugary foods like cake, coffee, and soda, could create some low level inflammation that only encourages pain. Instead, consider anti-inflammatory options.

Accident-related neck pain might not be long-term, but the longer it continues, the more important it is to implement these measures. Your chiropractor will monitor and assist you in soothing pain, improving your behaviors and allowing you to experience relief while your system heals.


3 December 2018

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