Chiropractic Treatment After A Whiplash Injury: How Rehabilitation Will Improve Your Condition


When you have been rear-ended in a car accident, it is common to suffer from a whiplash injury. Headaches at the base of your skull, neck pain, stiffness, and poor range of motion can be a result. A chiropractor can help with the inflammation and pain that comes when you are diagnosed with whiplash and will help speed up your healing time. With the use of hot and cold therapy, ultrasound, massage, gentle stretching, and more, chiropractic treatment can ease the intense pain of whiplash and help you get on the road to recovery. If you have been hurt and medication is not taking care of your symptoms, it's time to try a natural approach.

Reduce Inflammation for Better Healing

Inflammation will cause the pain in your cervical spine you are feeling because of a whiplash injury. Chiropractic treatments work to restore the natural alignment of your spine to improve your neurological function. This will increase the circulation and help improve tissue healing. A chiropractor will use gentle stretching and decompression strategies to reduce pressure on your vertebral discs. 

Pain Management Without Medication

When you have tried medication and you aren't having much success, chiropractic treatment can make a difference. Even when you are taking medication for pain, treatment with a chiropractor will not interfere. You can seek chiropractic care after suffering a whiplash injury while still getting treatment from other providers, as it is an excellent complementary therapy. You may find your pain is reduced greatly after your first visit.

Regular Chiropractic Treatment After an Injury

You will go to an injury rehab clinic for chiropractic treatment several times a week when you have been injured at first. Treatment will focus on reducing inflammation and improving your circulation. Your range of motion will be tested, and the goal is to improve the range of motion in your neck over time. As you continue through treatment, you will notice that you feel better for longer periods of time in between appointments. Eventually, you will be able to go to treatment once a month or so to keep your symptoms from returning.

When you are hurt from a car accident, treatment with a chiropractor can help ease your symptoms. Massage, stretching, and other modalities can help your muscles relax and increase circulation. As you heal from your injuries, you will discover that chiropractic treatment is an effective way to reduce your overall pain and stiffness.


19 April 2019

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