How Physical Therapy Expedites And Maintains Healing


When it comes to injuries to the body, whether from sports or a car accident, chiropractors and physical therapists are often used to help with the healing process. While chiropractors typically deal with nerve issues and issues of the spine and skeletal system of the body, physical therapists focus more on specific injuries that impact joints, muscles, and ligaments. Physical therapists are particularly effective in helping people heal from major surgeries that may impact their mobility in the long run. There are three major benefits to using physical therapy to heal.

Heal without Drugs or Surgery

While many people turn to physical therapists to heal after a surgery, physical therapy can also be an alternative to getting surgery in the first place. If you have an injury that hasn't healed, and you've been recommended to do surgery, it's worth seeing if physical therapy is a possible alternative. Physical therapists can manipulate joints, provide stretching routines, and teach specific exercises to naturally increase mobility in your affected area. This can help you reduce your need for medications or avoid needing pain medications at all.

Have a Targeted Plan to Heal with an Expert

Similar to having a personal trainer to gain muscle, a physical therapist is an expert in helping you heal with goals in mind. Based on your specific medical needs, a physical therapist will work with your doctor and you to set specific goals. For someone who has had a stroke and lost mobility and balance, this may include helping that person develop balance skills again. Physical therapists will write up an exercise and balance plan specific to where you are currently at, and they will measure your progress at different benchmarks.

Maintain Healing and Progress Post Rehabilitation

Some people may think of physical therapy as a temporary fix. Often, with serious injuries and surgery, there may need to be maintenance done on the injury. An injury can be strengthened from the initial sessions, and then it can cause you issues down the road. A physical therapist can give you maintenance treatment on injuries that may heal but weaken with time. Your therapist will give you symptoms to look for and help you know when to come back for additional treatment.

Dealing with injuries can be painful and life-changing. Having an experienced and knowledgeable physical therapist can help you achieve lasting mobility and strength that will help you get back to normal. This can help you save money on medical bills by not having to get surgery, and it can prevent you from having to take medications in many cases. Most importantly, it can help you do the things you love to do in life.

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25 September 2019

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