3 Reasons Why You May Experience Neck Pain


Your neck is essential because it carries your head's weight and allows you to move it in all directions. Hence, like other body parts, you should take good care of your neck to keep it fully functional. Nevertheless, you may sometimes experience neck pain due to poor posture, sleeping positions, or occupational-related factors. For example, you may strain your neck when lifting heavy construction materials. Sleeping in an unusual position or using your phone for a long time may also strain your neck muscles. This might cause you a lot of pain, making you uncomfortable. In such cases, it is advisable to seek treatment to eliminate the pain and restore your neck's full functionality. Below are three top reasons why you may experience neck pain.

1. When Your Discs Begin to Wear

The discs in your neck are vital because they support the neck bones and absorb shock. Therefore, you should take proactive measures when you experience neck pain because it may indicate that your discs are worn out. Old age, diseases, or genetic factors may cause this issue. If not treated, worn discs may make neck movement difficult or lead to nerve disorders. Thus, it is wise to visit a doctor when you experience neck pain to get a lasting solution to your problem.

2. When You Get Musculoskeletal Diseases

Sometimes, you may suffer from various diseases, like muscle spasms or rheumatoid arthritis, that affect your neck region. Most of these diseases may present with severe neck, back, and joint pain. If ignored, the pain may intensify, making it challenging to move and perform your day-to-day activities. Hence, it is wise to seek professional assistance in such situations to get proper medical care.

3. When You Suffer Physical Trauma

Your neck region is a delicate part of your body that should be protected because it can easily get injured or damaged. However, you may get hurt when you least expect it, causing a lot of complications. For instance, your child may accidentally throw a stone, hitting your neck. You may get involved in a road accident, injuring your neck. This may cause neck pain or rigidity, making motion challenging. Luckily, you can solve this by visiting a professional doctor. They will perform a physical neck examination and, if necessary, request an imaging investigation to determine the diagnosis.

It is evident that neck pain can disrupt your everyday life. Therefore, you should try as much as possible to avoid the mentioned causes and see a doctor or chiropractor if you experience any back or neck pain.


21 February 2023

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