3 Reasons You're Suffering From Pregnancy Neck Pain...And What To Do About It


You probably already knew that you could expect morning sickness, but there's a good chance that no one told you about the neck pain that you can often experience during pregnancy. However, you should know that neck pain is not at all uncommon when you're expecting. You could be wondering what you can do about this discomfort, but getting to the source of the problem and making a few changes should help you find some relief.

1. Changes in Posture

Now that you are carrying a baby in your belly, there is a good chance that you are walking and standing differently, such as by slumping over. This can throw your back, upper shoulders and neck out of whack, which can result in overall discomfort, including in your neck. It's important to make an effort to maintain the best posture that you can, so attempt to stand and sit up straight.

2. Failing to Exercise

During the later part of your pregnancy, it isn't uncommon to have a total lack of motivation. Your body probably feels heavy and very different, which can mean that the last thing that you want to do is take a walk around the block or head to the gym. However, light exercise during pregnancy is very important to keep your muscles limber and comfortable, which will help you through labor and recovery. Try exercising in a pool, where you will feel "weightless." Another option is to take a pregnancy yoga class. Either option should provide low-impact exercise that will help you stretch your muscles and improve your overall well being.

3. Sleeping Incorrectly

Getting comfortable at night can be hard when you have a huge pregnant belly, but sleeping in the wrong position can cause immense discomfort because it can put unnecessary strain on your neck. Try to keep your neck aligned with your spine when you're sleeping, and consider sleeping on your side and using pillows for support for your baby bump. Also, make sure that you use a nice, firm pillow underneath your head to give your neck proper support, and avoid sleeping with too many pillows under your head, which can put too much stress on your neck muscles.

Pregnancy neck pain can cause you to be extremely uncomfortable, and you are probably looking for relief as quickly as possible. By determining the cause of your pain, you can help reduce your discomfort. Plus, having a neck massage or taking acetaminophen -- with your doctor's go-ahead, of course -- can help you feel better as well. For more tips, contact a professional such as Dr. Brian C. Gibson Chiropractic.


28 July 2015

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