What To Expect At Your First Chiropractic Appointment


Receiving any form of medical care for the first time can fill you with questions, but if you're experiencing a decreased quality of life because of back pain, visiting a chiropractor for an adjustment can help. Don't let your unanswered questions about this form of treatment hold you back. By informing yourself about what typically goes on from the start of your appointment to the end, you'll feel more comfortable picking up the phone to book an adjustment and start the process of finally bidding farewell to your back pain. Here's what you can expect at your first appointment.

Discussion Of Symptoms And Case History

The start of an appointment typically begins with you sitting across a desk from the chiropractor rather than lying on a table. You'll start by talking about why you booked the appointment -- the specific symptoms you're experiencing, how long they've been present, to what degree they're affecting your life and what, if anything, makes the discomfort better or worse. The chiropractor will then dive into your case history, asking about topics such as how frequently you exercise, how sedentary your job is and whether others in your family have a history of back pain.


The next step of your appointment involves getting onto the examination table to allow the chiropractor to being the process of diagnosing the nature of your pain. Chiropractors use a long list of technical methods that allow them to identify issues with patients' spines and muscular restrictions. Don't be surprised if the chiropractor doesn't immediately begin by examining your back; many practitioners believe that back pain can result from an imbalance elsewhere in the body, so you can expect areas such as your hips and shoulders to also be examined. During this period, the chiropractor will diagnose the reason for your pain and discuss a treatment plan.

Adjustment And Follow-Up

Some new patients might experience a little anxiety about the adjustment, but your chiropractor will explain what he or she is about to do and how it will feel. The adjustment includes gentle pressure and quick movements; the latter can occasionally cause discomfort, although this feeling is typically short lived and leads to a reduction in your pain. The adjustment phase of the appointment often doesn't take long. The chiropractor will follow up the adjustment by providing you with some suggestions on lifestyle changes or exercises to perform at home and recommend when you should have a follow-up appointment.

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24 June 2015

Getting Serious About Your Back Pain

Do you remember the first day you woke up with back pain? If you are like most folks, you probably tried to write off the problem until you realized that the issue was impacting your mobility. Back pain is serious, but not everyone takes the issue seriously at first. Not only can a little back spasm make it hard to shower, walk, or even sit comfortably, but back pain can also be a symptom of a deeper problem. The goal of my blog is to educate the public about back pain, so that you know how to tell when you are really in trouble.