Take The Fight To Your Back Pain With These Home Remedies


Contending with back pain is no joke, but if it's a few days until you're able to visit your chiropractor -- and you are looking for immediate relief -- there are a handful of techniques you can use to reduce your pain. These home remedies aren't an alternative to seeking professional help, but can make a positive impact until you're able to get to the clinic.

Posture Makeover

Changing the way you sit, especially if you spend the bulk of your workday at a desk, can be a helpful weapon in your battle against back pain. Push your backside toward the rear of the chair, slightly engage your abdominal muscles and pull your shoulders back. Instead of slouching if you get uncomfortable in this position, get up and move around for a moment. If the office chair is in bad shape or overly uncomfortable, it might also be contributing to your back pain. Speak to your manager about getting it replaced. Some companies can even hire ergonomic consultants to check the nature of your office setup and make recommendations.

Get Moving

Adding some exercise to your daily routine can help to alleviate back pain, according to the Mayo Clinic. A long list of exercises can help your back, but a simple approach is to lie on the floor on your back with your knees bent and touching each other and your feet planted firmly. Engage your abs and slowly lower your knees to the floor on the right side without raising your shoulders or hips. Hold the position for 10 seconds, and then return to the original position before repeating the exercise on the left side. You can take your exercises a step further by joining a yoga class. The slow, gentle stretches of this ancient practice can help you reduce aches and pains in your back and throughout your body.

Add Some Fun

Back pain and stress often go hand in hand, and your daily routine of fighting traffic, working, running errands, rushing home and going to bed probably isn't doing your back any favors. Making time for an activity that you enjoy can reduce your overall stress, and may play a role in back pain relief. Whether it's rising early to take a walk, setting aside time for an old hobby such as painting or playing an instrument, or just connecting with your partner or child, boosting each day's fun factor has numerous benefits.

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6 May 2015

Getting Serious About Your Back Pain

Do you remember the first day you woke up with back pain? If you are like most folks, you probably tried to write off the problem until you realized that the issue was impacting your mobility. Back pain is serious, but not everyone takes the issue seriously at first. Not only can a little back spasm make it hard to shower, walk, or even sit comfortably, but back pain can also be a symptom of a deeper problem. The goal of my blog is to educate the public about back pain, so that you know how to tell when you are really in trouble.