3 Reasons That Parents Take Their Children To A Chiropractor


There are many people who choose to see a chiropractor regularly. This is for a good reason. Chiropractics is a very natural practice that doesn't use medication to heal the body; instead, they use something called a chiropractic adjustment. This is why so many people are drawn to it, especially parents of children. The parent might not want to give the child medication because the child can't handle it, the child is overmedicated, or the parent is simply looking for alternatives. Here are a couple things that chiropractors can help with.

1. Ear Infections

Did you know that ear infections are one of the most common ailments that plague children? So many children get ear infections and infections in their sinuses that cause pain and discomfort. In some cases a child is constantly on an antibiotic to fight an ear infection. This is dangerous for the child's body and should be avoided.

A chiropractor is great because they can help the child to have more fluid movement in their ear. The reason you get an ear infection is because the ear can't drain and the fluid stays stagnant. A chiropractor will do a simple adjustment on the child, which will encourage the ear to drain, preventing and helping ear infections. If you have a child with an ear infection, take them to a chiropractor before you try antibiotics.

2. Acid Reflux

Many young babies struggle with acid reflux. This causes the child to spit up in large amounts and can cause them constant pain. A child with acid reflux might cry a great deal of time because they have constant stomachaches.

A chiropractor can help the young child to have a straighter back, which will cause their esophagus to work properly. Many young infants are put on medication for their acid reflux. Before you medicate such a young child, try a chiropractor first. They might be able to do some simple adjustments and fix the problem.

3. Post Birth Trauma

Many chiropractors believe that all infants should see a chiropractor following a vaginal birth. Because the birth canal can be difficult to emerge from, the child has to shift their shoulders, arch their back and so much more to fit through the birth canal. This is why many parents choose to take their infants in to a chiropractor following birth. This helps to straighten and elongate the spine, which can keep them healthier.

These are just a couple reasons that parents take their children to see a chiropractor at a center like Dimond Chiropractic Center


30 April 2015

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