Recovering From Whiplash Without Pain Reliving Drugs


Even minor, low-speed car accidents can result in whiplash, a condition in which the neck becomes strained because the head has jerked forward forcefully. In most cases, your doctor will recommend treating mild to moderate whiplash by taking over-the-counter pain relievers and resting until it feels better. But what happens if you can't take pain relievers for health-related reasons, or simply because you're averse to putting chemical drugs into your body? Follow these steps to speed your recovery without relying on pain relievers.

Step 1: Do see your doctor.

Even if you're sure it's just whiplash, there's a small chance you have a more serious injury, such as a concussion or a torn ligament. Your doctor will rule out these possibilities, so you can move forward confident that what you're treating is whiplash – an unpleasant, but rather harmless-in-the-long-run ailment.

Step 2: Visit your chiropractor.

Once you have a confirmed medical diagnosis, head to your chiropractor's office. Most chiropractors focus on treating all ailments as naturally as possible, so yours is unlikely to disagree with your decision to eschew pain killing drugs in favor of more natural methods.

When your head jerks forward, the vertebrae in your neck are often forced out of alignment. This, along with muscle strains, contributes to the pain of whiplash. By placing your vertebrae back in alignment, your chiropractor will reduce strain on your muscles and allow them to heal more easily. Your chiropractor will probably adjust your back as well, as a well-aligned back puts less pressure on your neck and will allow you to heal better.

Step 3: Go home, and keep your stress levels low.

Most people carry tension in the neck when they are stressed. Getting in a car accident is stressful, so the anxious and worrying feelings you're experiencing may make your whiplash symptoms worse. Do all that you can to keep your stress levels low as you recover. Take a hot bath, do some meditation, or read a good book. Don't worry about the accident until you're all healed, if possible.

Step 4: Use heat and eucalyptus rub to ease lingering pain.

When the pain flares up, you can apply a heating pad to your neck. This will loosen and calm the muscles. If you don't have a heating pad, a warm, wet washcloth can work, too. Also, consider rubbing just a drop of eucalyptus oil mixed with a few drops of olive oil into your neck. This will naturally warm your neck and relieve some of the pain. Do not use straight eucalyptus oil, as it may irritate your skin.

Your chiropractor may recommend some additional methods of dealing with the pain of whiplash naturally. After all, he or she is an expert in matters related to neck and back soreness – and that's exactly what whiplash is. (For more information on whiplash treatment, you can contact Contino Chiropractic Center)


29 April 2015

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