Back Pain From Lifting Heavy Boxes: How A Chiropractor Can Give You Relief


Did your back start hurting after moving heavy boxes to relocate to a new home? It may be possible for you to treat the problem by visiting a chiropractor if nothing serious is wrong. In this article, learn what a chiropractor can do to give you relief from back pain and the cost for a session.

How Can a Chiropractor Get Rid of Back Pain?

Your back will be thoroughly assessed by the chiropractor before you can be treated for back pain. He or she will do a physical examination by touching your back muscles and bones to determine where the pain is at. An x-ray will also be done to make sure none of your bones are broken, as such a condition may require treatment by a physician.

If the chiropractor determines that he or she can safely give you pain relief, your back muscles will be massaged. The reason for your back pain may have happened from muscles getting tense when you were lifting heavy boxes. The chiropractor can give you pain relief by using massage tools and applying pressure to your muscles.

Pressure may have also built up in the spaces between the joints along your spinal cord. A spinal joint pressure can be removed by the chiropractor using a natural technique called spinal manipulation. Basically, pressure will be used to manipulate the spinal cord in a way that forces the air out of the areas between the joints. The procedure can give you immediate pain relief and you may hear popping sounds as it is being done. You should not feel pain with spinal manipulation, but it will only be slight if you do.

What is the Estimated Cost of a Session with a Chiropractor?

The average cost of a session with a chiropractor depends on if you have ever been to the clinic before. For instance, you may have to spend up to $161 if you are a new client. The reason is so you can get an x-ray and your back examined to determine if the chiropractor can treat you without causing additional harm to your spine. It is possible that you will need additional sessions after the first one, which can cost up to $106 each.

Make sure heavy boxes are always lifted with your knees bent and spinal cord straight to prevent back pain. Make an appointment with a chiropractor in Phoenix, AZ to get natural pain relief!


22 April 2015

Getting Serious About Your Back Pain

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